Friday, September 29, 2017

Rahul Mahanta Memorial Teachers Fellowship 2017

Rahul Mahanta Memorial  Teachers Fellowship 2017  support to 20 teachers of Parijat Academy. The programme supported by Niva Mahanta ( mother of Rahul Mahanta).

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Happy Birthday to Nita Sairam Parmar

Friendly girls football match between Delhi Public School Guwahati and Parijat Academy

Thanks to Delhi Public School  Guwahati for organising a friendly girls football match between DPS Guwahati and Parijat  Academy at DPS Guwahati on 30th August 2017.

Elise and her family @ Parijat Academy

Celebration Independence Day 15th August.

Meghalaya Youth visited Parijat Academy

Group of  Youth  from Meghalya visited Parijat  Academy as a part of their field visit during their Training under Ministry of Youth Affairs, Govt of India  conducted by IIE, Guwahati.

SCOONEWS AWARD 2017 to Parijat Academy

Science for all

Parijat Academy football team

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tara helping the kid

FSU students at Parijat

Florida State University students at Parijat Academy: From left Sabrina, Joni and Yohandra.

Ananda Chandra Baruah Memorial Scholarship 2017

Ananda Chandra Baruah Memorial Scholarship 2017 given to three students of Partijat Academy who has score good marks in HSLC Exam 2017- Biswajit Phangsho with cash money Rs 7000/-, Ajit Thapa with cash money Rs 5000/- and Urbashi Sarkar with cash money Rs 3000/-. This year was  second edition. We express our sincere thanks to Smt Jyoti Baruah wife of Late Ananda Chandra Baruah, Mrs Modira Khaund( daugther) and Dharmananda Baruah (son) for initiating this scholarship programme for the Parijat  Academy.

Making a difference

Tara Kelly, 10 years old girl  fly from Australia to Assam, India  spent  a week with the children of Parijat Academy. She taught rainbow rubber bracelet making after school and helping her abu in the small shop. 


Children received new skate boards and cloths for hostel girls as gift from Sabrina Mato a student from Florida State University.

children of Parijat Academy

Parijat Academy Karaoke

Parijat Academy

Raining on Meals day at Parijat Academy

Parijat Academy kids' instant performance

Parijat Academy weaving Centre

Parijat Academy(Adhaghanta)_Part1

Garvin interacting with Nursery children at Parijat Academy

Parijat Students Garbhanga Bihu

Documentary of Parijat Academy of Guwahati.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mid Day Meals programme at Parijat Academy

Amy with Parijat Children

Derrika speaking to children at Parijat Academy

Uttam of Parijat Academy

Here We Come | Parijat Academy, Guwahati

RFYS: Guwahati Jr. Boys - Parijat Academy Interview

Elise Lindbergh From America is Raising Funds For Girls Dormitory at Par...

Parijat - Where Education Emancipates

Aaj ka agenda Ft. Uttam teron (Founder-Parijat academy) With Sunil Joshi

Documentary of Parijat Academy of Guwahati.

Parijat Academy Meal Programme - 23rd November 2013

Garvin singing Bhajan at Parijat Academy with children

Music for Heart at Assam Sishu Kalyan Sadan with Parijat Academy




RFYS: Guwahati Jr. Boys - Delhi Public School vs Parijat Academy Highlights

Spanish Footballer in Parijat Academy

Parijat Academy(Adhaghanta)_Part1

News Positive: Uttam Teron's school against illiteracy

Uttam Teron - 'CNN IBN Real Heroes' Award Winner 2011'

Assam: Free school attracts volunteer from the US

Bhal Manuh a serial produce by Pradyut Bora

From Darkness to Light, Uttam Teron: A man from Assam who educated 11 vi...

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Music Program for Parijat Academy
-Gitu Barooah
Every year since 2009, my students and I have done service projects in India, as part of a study trip. Our goal has been to help those who need it most, in a way that is sustainable and continuous. Since I am an educator leading students, we made children and education our focus.

Over the years, we have worked in various resettlement colonies in New Delhi teaching hundreds of children letters, numbers, arts, craft, drama, and each one of them stole our hearts. But over the last few years, I have taken my students to work in the place I am from, and to which my soul  belongs - beautiful Assam.

In Assam, we work in Parijat Academy, a pre-K to 10th grade school, founded by Uttam Teron, and run entirely through donations, volunteers, and the immense goodwill of kind people around the world. The spirit of the children and teachers there are joyous, and every minute spent there has been fun. They do so much with so little. (You can find out more about them by going to

Parijat has a budding band . . .but they need a drum-set. Uttam Teron said to me, "If we can get even a second-hand set of drums, the children will be so happy."
But I thought to myself, why just a second-hand set of drums? Why not a couple of guitars? And perhaps the services of a good music teacher? Then they can keep making beautiful music forever.

All the funds raised here will go towards buying a drum-set and other instruments, hiring a teacher, and starting a music program for Parijat.

In return for your contribution, you will receive cards hand made by Parijat students, photographs of the band, and a short music video of the children performing. And better yet - the joy of knowing that somewhere in a small corner of the world, children are making music with your help.
Help spread the word!