Thursday, November 15, 2012

Visitor from Australia

Dr Lynette Kelly of University  of  South  Australia  speaking  to Parijat  children in the  morning assembly.

 Daniel Connell, Visual Artist from Australia speaking to Parijat  children

 Dr Lynette  Kelly discussing with Pre Primary  teacher about how to teach the kids.

 Daniel Connell  is teaching art , photograpghy, making video to children

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How you can help Parijat Academy

How you can help Parijat Academy

you can choose any like to support

- support Rs 20/-( les than US 50 cent)  for food per child per day ( for 15 children Indian  Rs 3000 ,US$ 6)  daily)

-support regular newspaper for the school ( cost Rs 4/- or Rs 5/- per day)

- support Newsmagazine weekly or monthly to Parijat Academy for 
like Outlook Rs 30/- weekly, India Today Rs 30/- , Vigyan Jeuti, Compretition Refreser, Competition Sucess Review, 

- one pair of desk and bench for primary class. Rs 1800 ( one desk and one bench). Required 40 pairs desks and benches before first week of January 2013.

-support school boundary fencing wall . cost Rs 1700 for 50 feet wiring fence. donors can donate partly 50 feet wire in one set. Required 700 feet wire fence.

- support bamboo wall for four classroom ( localy call torja -[bamboo wall or ber] ) total 1530 square feet in area. Per square feet cost Rs 6/- for the torja ( bamboo wall or bahor ber). required before first week of January 2013. Donors can come and see the existing room.

-support eletrical wiring in 6 classroom with electrical materials pipe, wire, electrician fee. Cost Rs 18000/-

-support children education Rs 200/- per child per month it will help to support the teachers. Geting teachers is difficult with low hononarium. We need more friends to support 504 children of Parijat Academy. If one person support one child per month with Rs 200/- then 504 person can support 504 child. That will be great help. The school will be less burden. 20 teachers will get support from this.

Friends you all are requested to spread this message among your friends. Who knows somebody may support this cause.
looking for 504 friends for 504 children education.

if any query email to

our adress
Parijat Academy
Pamohi, P.O. Garchuk, Guwahati-781035, Assam, India

send to Parijat Academy account
Account Name:Parijat Academy
Account No. 054301001492
Branch:Fancy Bazar

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Computer Education

Gobind Gulrajani Computer Education Centre supported  by Ash Pamani and Family. Ready for  children learn.