Monday, August 6, 2012

Message from B1G1 team for everybody at Parijat Academy

Dear children and teachers at Parijat Academy,

Firstly, thank you for inviting us to send you a note on the very special day.

It's great to hear that you have a special festival to celebrate your achievements in Art, Sports, Music... and even Gardening!  We wish we could be there to share the wonderful day with you and have fun seeing your performances and creativity.  

Celebrations and festivals are important because they help us remember how special life is.  

When we are working or studying hard everyday, we sometimes forget the greatness of small steps and little improvements we are making through the things we do.  

The people who have contributed to support your education also need the same kind of moments to celebrate what they are doing as well.  So if you are happy to share the great time you are having with all of us by sharing some of the pictures or writing about your day, it would be really special.  We'd really enjoy seeing your smiles and finding out what makes your life special.  

And most importantly, please make sure that you have a wonderful day full of fun, friendship and special praises for each other.  

With love and gratitude,

Masami, Paul, Elvin & Hashima from B1G1 Team
and B1G1 Businesses and their team members 

Summer Festival photos and Message

Words of Volunteer  programme  coordinator:

The purpose of the Parijat Academy Summer Festival was to have a day of celebration for the beautiful children of Parijat. The children of Parijat are truly amazing. They engage in intensive study year-round although they have many obstacles in their lives. Many of these students come from a disadvantaged background and they don’t always have access to the best things. Yet, from the moment I arrived at Parijat Academy I was amazed at the dedication and perseverance of these students. I was truly humbled when I saw students walking long distances just to attend school. As well as attending classes consistently, some days without electricity. Since I’ve gotten to Parijat Academy all I could think about is how amazing it is that these children are trying their best even with the odds stacked against them. 

Thus, Kevin and I (Derrika Hunt) wanted to do something special with the students of Parijat. We wanted to have a day just for them, to show them how special and important they are. We wanted these children to feel like they are valuable and worthy, because they are. Yet many times those who are underprivileged often get overlooked and forgotten about by society. But, I wanted the children of Parijat to come to the Summer Festival and think “Wow, someone took time out to do all of this for me?” Therefore, we organized a variety of activities for the children to play, laugh, relax and simply enjoy themselves. Activities ranged from sports activities to face painting to an egg decorating contest. The smiles on the children’s faces let me know that our efforts had not gone in vain. I could feel my heart overflowing with love and happiness as I watched the children while they smiled, laughed, danced, played and sang.