Friday, February 26, 2010

Future small play ground

Parijat Academy has no suitable field for daily morning assembly for the children. The existing pond will the only possible if we at Parijat Academy can fillup with mud. It will cost about Rs 150000. During monsson it is problem. It will take time. Once the work goes properly our school children will play with joys, and many things can be done for children.

Anurupa Medhi from Australia visited Parijat Academy

Anurupa Medhi of Australia visited Parijat Academy
Dear Uttam
Congratulation on your remarkable work
I will get in touch with you soon.
Kind regards

Eastern India Women's Association Social Service Award to Parijat Academy 2009

Eastern India Women's Association Social Service Award 2009 to Parijat Academy.
Photo from left: Minu Choudhury, President of EIWA, Anjali Baruah, Social Worker, Uttam Teron, Renuka Devi Borkatoky, Chairman of EIWA

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Women Education Awareness

Cotton College Women Forum visited Parijat Academy

Cotton College Women Forum members visited Parijat Academy on 22-2-2010.
They all Professor group of different departments. They brought used clothes, black board, Globe, Some Exercise books for Garbhanga Children. Two Botany professor given talk on Solid Waste Management to school children.

Health Check up photo at Parijat Academy


Laura Schuchart teaching Drawing to School Children at Parijat AcademyLaura Schuchart in class -I teaching Drawing
Laura telling story to Parijat Hostel ChildrenLaura and Hostel Children practising Bihu Dance Laura teaching new Game
Children Playing Duck and Goose with Laura
Laura singing song with Hostel Children at Parijat
Laura teaching Yoga

Friday, February 19, 2010

Micro Loan for the poor villagers

A tribal Youth Group of Garbhanga started organic ginger and turmaric cultivation. Small Loan was supported by Najmun Nisa Trust through Parijat Academy. Parijat Academy is connecting them with the Najmun Nisa Trust. The Micro Loan is initiated by Wahid Saleh of The Netherlands.
This the first small shop in the village Natun Garbhanga. The shop started with Micro Loan from Najmun Nisa Trust through Parijat Academy. Ramcharan and his wife is now happy to see their new village shop.
This shop is at village Pahamjila started with the help of Micro Laon from Najmun Nisa Trust. The interest is very very low only 50 paise per hundred rupees. Gopal has land but he had no bull to make plough. He used to plough with his own spade and by himself. He purchased two bulls with the support of Micro Loan from Najmun Nisa Trust. He is so happy that the interest is very very low that is 50 paise per hundred rupees.
She is Phuklen Bongjang's wife of Village Ulubari of Garbhanga. The shop was started with the support from Najmun Nisa Trust.

Deepor Beel near Parijat Academy

Deepor Beel (Assam’s lone RAMSAR site) near Parijat Academy

Deepor beel, the state’s lone Ramsar Site and a wetland of immense significance, especially for the city, is a mute indication to the havoc that rampant urbanization and human greed is causing on the environment. Situated right within the Guwahati city limits the beel, once spread over an area of 41 sq. km, has now been reduced to a shadow of its former self, covering barely 5 sq km (approx).
Deepor Beel (90º36'39"-90º41'25"E and 6º05'26" 26º05'52"N) is one of the subcontinent’s most important wetlands for the natural habitat it provides to many species of birds, animals, aquatic life and vegetation. Located in the periphery of Guwahati city, the Beel is faced with a number of challenges, both natural and man-made. By virtue of its location and natural resources it holds, it has been an integral part of Guwahati’s history and culture. The beel is a staging site on migratory flyways and some of the largest concentrations of aquatic birds in Assam. Over the time due to pressures of urbanization, growth and conflicting interests, its natural patterns have been disturbed and disrupted, threatening its very existence. Potential threats include over fishing and human pressure upon water pollution from sewage part of Guwahati city and infestation by the water hyacinth.
Deepor Beel, measuring about 414 hectares (about 4 sq. km) located on the south bank of the river Brahmaputra and south west corner of Guwahati city (about 8 km away form Paltan Bazar area). It is bounded by gratitude lines 90º36'39"-90º41'25"E and 6º05'26" 26º05'52"N. it is surrounded by the Jalukbari hill in the north, Rani Garbhanga Reserve Forest on south, Bharalu river on east and Kalmoni river on the west. It was the Government Fishery Mahal till 12 January 1989 when proposed as Wildlife Sanctuary vide Govt. Order No. FRW. 1/89/26.
The significance of Deepor beel lies on many counts. A natural wetlands, its harbour a rich variety of flora and fauna that’s includes nearly 200 species of birds – many of them are highly endangered. It is the only major storm water storage basin for Guwahati, which has, of late, has been passing through the worst water logging during every monsoon. Deepor, again, is the best indicator of the environmental status of the city, and the day when the birds cease to flock the beel, it will confirm the complete transformation of the once-green city quagmire of pollution.

Save Environment campaign

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Volunteer was honoured at Karbi Festival

Laura Schuchart was honoured with Karbi traditional Pongho and bouquet by organising committee of 18th Central Karbi Dehal Rongker Utsav 2010 on 16th February on the stage at Festival Venue in village Dhalbama
Laura with Parijat Hostel Children
Laura Schuchart with Dulumoni

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Volunteer arrived from USA at Parijat Academy

Laura Schuchart of Missouri, USA arrived Parijat Academy to do volunteer for three months. She came to know Parijat Academy from Omprakash Foundation website Today she was introduced with the school children. At the same time here at Village Dalbama very near to Parijat Academy a festival on Karbi was going on. Laura got the opportunity to see this festval. Today she also participated in the Cultural Procession with Parijat Academy children. Some photos are here which was taken on Cultural Procession with school children. In the afternoon she taught some new things like playing with Hula Hoop dance.
Laura Schuchart with local girls which was taken at 18th Central Karbi Dehal Rongker Utsav 2010

Mudfilling in the Pond for making children Play Ground

Due to lack of space for the children's playground, Parijat Academy is planning to fill up mud in the existing pond for more space for children to play, do daily morning assemblies and other acitivities like playing badminton, yoga, and art display( Exhibition) etc.

Parijat Utsav at Parijat Academy on 13-2-2010

School children
Sekhar Subramani given the prizes to children
Dr Mrinmoyee Bordoloi given prizes to Girls
Sekhar Subramani speaking to children in the Utsav 2010. He encouraging the children to work hard in their studies
Lions Subhajit Sinha, Secretary of Lions Club of Guwahati South
Children of Parijat singing.

From Left Sekhar Subramani, Dr Mrinmoyee Bordoloi, Lions Club's Doctor group

During staying at Parijat Academy we had lot of discussion with Sekhar Subramani about school development like the urgent need of mudd filling in the existing pond where the school children play and do lot of extra curicula activity, more interaction between with others school with Parijat Children.It will helps the Parijat children to develop confident. Sekhar's visit was encouraging us. He saw the need of the school with constructive development of the school. He'll visit Parijat again.