Monday, December 19, 2016

Parijat Song

We are little Parijat
Beautiful mother Axom
Heavenly flowers we are little Parijat
Parijat Academy's little Parijat
Love is our religion
Learning is our worship
Lighting the lamp of
Knowledge, meditation, melody
We march ahead
Heavenly flowers we are little Parijat
We shall remove the darkness of ignorance
We shall build a new Axom,
With the valour of veer Lachit
We will build a new generation
Heavenly flowers we are little Parijat.
                      -Dr Mrinmoyee Bordoloi

School Uniform at Parijat

1.White Shirt
2.Navy Blue Long Pant/half Pant
3.White Long Pant/ Half Pant ( Wednesday & Saturday)
4.Navy Blue Sweater/ Blazer ( For Winter)

1.White Shirt
2.Red coloured Ribbon
3.Navy Blue Skirt
4.White Skirt . ( Wednesday & Saturday)
5.Navy Blue Kameez, white pyajama, white dupattah
6.White kameez, white pyajama, white dupattah ( wednesday & saturday)
7.Navy Blue Sweater/Blazer ( For winter)

Balck shoes and white socks for both girls and boys. White canvas shoes and white socks for both girls and boys.

To Students of Parijat Academy

The future belongs to you, dear boys and girls. You have therefore, to prepare yourself for the active participation in the world you live in and to have to say in the reshaping of the world. Develop yourselves, then into intelligent, well informed and responsible men and women.

Try to excel in whatever you do  always remembering that there  is scope for continuous improvement. make the best use of the facilities that your home, your school and your country provide to you.

Morning Assembly

New Session will start from January 2017 and school  hours will be as follows
NURSERY to KG: 8:00 am to 10:00 am
Pupils must be on the school premises at 7:45am
Class 1 to Class 10:    10:00 am to 2: 30 pm
Pupils must be on the school premises at 9:30 am

Each house has House Master/ House Mistress, Captain & Vice Captain. Every child is given an opportunity to bring out the best in him/her.

Name of  Houses        Colour
Deepor Beel                Blue
Pobitora                      Yellow
Kaziranga                   Green
Manas                         Red

Life Skill Programme

Life Skill Programme was conducted at Parijat  Academy on 28th November 2016 with support  from National Foundation for India and Foundation for Social Transformation. There was 90 students participant. The outcome of the activity is awareness on adolescence issues, their behaviour towards the society.

Donate old cloths

Dear Friends,
You can donate old cloths to Parijat Academy. You might be curious to know what we do with old cloths. Here at parijat  Academy the children are from poor family as your used cloths in good condition may help to many needy people  at Parijat. We distribute them among the children and to their parents and they feel so happy. Therefore, you can help by spreading among your friends and family. Anything like shirts, pants, laddies cloths,  baby cloths, besdsheets, mattress, pillow, carpet, used computer, toys etc.
Contact: Uttam Teron  @ 9954778447

Admission Open