Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Festival 2012

US mentors for needy kids

- American volunteers help children celebrate summer fest
Aug. 5: They sang two of Robert Kelly’s evergreen numbers — I believe I can fly and I am a mountain — and performed Bihu dance, had their faces painted with colours, and even took part in a few games for a good part of the day, today.
Thanks to American volunteers — Derrika Hunt and Kevin Wu — about a 100 students of Parijat Academy, a school for underprivileged children at Pamohi on the outskirts of the city, went beyond classroom education and engaged themselves in activity-based fun and frolic, during a daylong summer festival at the institution.
Taking the lead was Hunt, dressed for the occasion in a colourful sari.
She had come all the way from Florida about a month back, to teach the children and involve them in activities such as arts and crafts.
“The purpose of Parijat Academy Summer Festival was to celebrate a day with the children who are truly amazing. They engage in intensive study throughout the year, despite all odds. Many of them come from poor backgrounds and don’t have access to the best of things,” Hunt, a 25-year-old postgraduate student of Florida State University, said.
“From day one at the academy, I was amazed at the dedication and perseverance of the students. I was humbled when I saw them walk long distances, just to attend school. Therefore, Wu and I decided to do something special for them, to make each of them feel valuable and worthy. The smiles at the end of the day told me that our efforts had not gone in vain. I was particularly impressed on how quickly they picked up the lyrics of the songs that I taught them,” she added.
Apart from the songs, dance and games, a gardening exhibition, activities such as egg decoration, poetry recitals, and other activities were also part of the programme.
A science student from Maine, Wu, had come to the school in June, and organised a series of health camps and interacted with doctors over the past two months.
“I had visited about 50 families in villages around Pamohi, and was surprised to find their low-level of understanding on health awareness. I coordinated with doctors and organised a number of health clinics for the families. Besides, I had also volunteered to set up a greenhouse made of bamboo and plastic. It will basically house an organic vegetable farm. The idea of the project is to make similar farming methods a means of earning a livelihood in the area,” Wu, the bespectacled 21-year-old, clad in a white cotton kurta for the summer festival today, said.
Uttam Teron, founder of the academy, said this was the second summer festival organised at the academy by overseas volunteers. “While we have our annual school functions in March, this was a one-of-a-kind programme,” he added.

Roses growing from concrete


Monday, July 16, 2012

ICAI Guwahati team visited

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Guwahati http://www.icaiguwahati.org/ team visited  Parijat  Academy  on the  ocassion of  CA Day.   ICAI   Guwahati  donated writing  materials and  one  laser printer  to  Parijat  Academy. CA  Naveen garg , Chairman of ICAI Guwahati , CA  Kaberi Bhuyan, CA  Rajkamal Bhuyan and their  CA  friends speaking to  the children .

USA volunteer wrote

Derrika  Hunt wrote

Do your dreams scare you?

Yesterday reaffirmed everything I’ve been thinking. Everything happens for a reason. It feels like the Universe has already orchestrated every detail for my ultimate benefit. I’ve heard that quote a million times before, but it’s so different when you see it playing out in your own life.
Yesterday was my first official day of school with the children. Words cannot express the happiness I feel by being here in Guwahati helping the children of Parijat Academy. Throughout the day I spent time talking with the principle and his wife to get a better understanding of the school and their vision. To say I was inspired would not merely justify my feelings.
As I listened to Uttam (the principal) talk I could feel his words. His passion and love for the children radiated as he spoke about wanting to make his village a better place. Uttam’s words were like honey soothing a sore throat. Comforting. He went on to describe his dreams of expanding the school to help even more children. Uttam’s dreams are big, but so is his heart. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as dedicated to helping others. He has given his everything to offer these children a free education. Uttam looked at me with determination etched into his face. “Derrika do you believe my vision? Sometimes I want to give up because it’s too hard. But these children need me.” His words literally sent chills through my body. Of course I believed in his vision. But I too understood his fear of not being able to make it happen. Sometimes dreams are scary, especially when the world has said you can’t do it.
We talked about all of the money we needed to raise to help the children of Parijat. I told Uttam, I do not only believe your vision, but I know it will happen. There is no way for someone to have that much determination and the universe not make there dream a reality. It always makes me think of my favorite quote from the book The Alchemist “And when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” I know the universe is conspiring for Uttam and his dream will manifest. I’ve often heard people grumbling about there not being enough leaders and change makers in the world. Well to those people, I say you must meet Uttam. He is paving the way of change not only for his village, but also for the world. Uttam has sparked a light in me that I didn’t know existed. I came to Parijat for a reason. I met Uttam for a reason. And sometimes my dreams scare me, but I dream them for a reason: to heal the world.

Volunteer from USA

Volunteer  from USA
Derrika  Hunt  wrote:-

Today it rained.

My first day in the village it rained. Beautifully, leaving an edge of calm hanging in the atmosphere. And directly after the rain, the sun illuminated the sky. It was bright and higher than before. I marveled at the beauty of nature. And if you know me at all, you know I find meaning in the simplest of things. I wondered why it rained the moment after I arrived at the village and then the sun came back out as soon as I finished unpacking. Perhaps the Gods were speaking to me through nature. The rain reminded me that sometimes we will have difficulty, but there is always beauty in the midst of struggle. Even when things are their hardest and we’re at our breaking point, isn’t it beautiful how we continue to perservere. It’s amazing how we want to give up but deep down we know we cannot. That is beautiful. 
The emergence of the sun after rain reminded me that after struggle there is always happiness. Transforming our struggles into happiness is a journey. But once we get there it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences. In my own life I’ve witnessed this time and time again. Most recently I witnessed it with my voyage to India [one of my favorite cd’s by the way :)] In my last entry, I wrote about how everything seemed to be going wrong before I came to India. In those moment of struggle I wanted to give up and not take the trip at all. But, now I’m here and words cannot express the happiness I feel. All of those struggles were worth it. Seeing the face of villagers light up as I entered the school was worth it. As, I saw the deep poverty lurking in the village I knew it was worth it. When I held the hand of the director of the school I’m volunteering at I understood why I needed to be here.
Today, my first day in the village it rained. It rained to remind me. And with this message from the universe I enter Parijat Academy (the school I’m volunteering at) ready to sprinkle doses of sunshine. Today it rained. But, tomorrow I will spread sunshine and love by pouring my heart into the people of this village.

Bank Account

Bank  Details
State  Bank  of India
Account Name:  Parijat Academy
Account Number: 32390709273
Garchuk  Branch
Guwahati-781035, Assam, India
Branch  code: 05240
IFS  code : SBIN0005240