Friday, January 30, 2009

Children participation, Education: Parijat Academy

standing in front of the sports gate in the IGA Stadium

Pranay Das is guiding the children to be discipline while moving in line and others he is teaching the children computer

DREAMS of Children

DREAMS of Children........

Wahid Saleh and his Wife

Wahid Saleh and his wife from The Netherlands visited Parijat Academy on 10th January 2009.

Prakash and Konika Sarma of Australia

Prakash and Konika Sarma of Australia visited Parijat Academy in December 2008

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Parijat Academy: Road Safety week

District Transport Office invited to Parijat Academy's teacher and student to participate in the 20th Road Safety week at Khanapara.

Teacher of Parijat Academy

Teacher of Parijat Academy. Participated in the 2o Raod safety week in Khanapara. The programme was organised by Govt of Assam Transport Department.

Parijat Academy: school computer

Debojit Bora from USA visited Parijat Academy.
He is infront of Computer monitor

at Library

Debojit Bora at library room

AFNA senior member visited Parijat

Debojit Bora, Senior Member of Assam Foundation of America speaking to the student of Parijat Academy

AFNA Senior member

Debojit Bora, Senior member of Assam Foundation of North America visited Parijat Academy on 10-1-2009.
The bag is Parijat Academy product.

Parijat Academy a school for underprivileged children

from left: Mrs Chitra Hazarika, Dr Mrinmoy, Shikha Chowdhary, Jayanta Barman an Engineer at Parijat Academy on 17-01-2009

Distributing Sweets

Distributing sweets to Parijat's hostel Children

Shikha Chowdhary from Australia

Parijat Children and Teacher with Shikha Chowdhary, Chitra, Jayanta Barman, Dr Mrinmoy at Parijat Academy on 17-1-2009

Shikha Chowdhary, Australia visited Parijat Academy

Shikha Chowdhary visited Parijat Academy from Australia on 17 January 2009. She lives in Sydney, Australia. She interact withe children of Parijat Academy.

Debojit Bora, USA visited Parijat Academy

Debojit Bora, USA visited Parijat Academy recently. He giveb many good advice to the student of Parijat Academy. By profession he is an Engineer.

before leaving Parijat Academy

at the moment of leaving Parijat Academy.
They will come to Parijat Academy next year.

Parijat Academy

Erin Sundari interact with the Parijat Academy's children.

ERIN Sundari, USA

Erin Sundari is doing P hd in California.
She visited Parijat Academy on 5th January with her Husband Sam. They spent 5 hours at Parijat.

Visitor from USA

Erin Sundari and Sam with school children at Parijat Academy. 5th January 2009

Sundari and Sam with school children

Sundari and Sam with school children walking through school veranda on 5-1-2009

Visitor from California to Parijat

Sundari and Sam visited Parijat on 5th January 2009. Children of Parijat Academy greet them whith Assamese Traditional Phulam Gamocha and Japi