Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vocational Education at Parijat Academy

Vocational Education for girls at Parijat Academy ( tailoring and embroidery) as Socially Useful Productive Work. This is part of formal education. Six machine are donated by Najmun Nisa Trust.

14th November 2009/ Children's Day

On 14th November 2009 Parijat Academy celebrate Children's Day. On the ocassion of this day Health Check programme was organised at Parijat Academy by Indian Academy of Pediatrics.
These are the photos of the progarmme of the day.

Volunteer from Canada at Parijat Academy

Volunteering at Parijat Academy:
Prof.Mrs Margaret Andrews from Canada coming to do volunteer at Parijat Academy to teach the children of Parijat English. She came for three weeks. She enjoyed teaching the children of Parijat Academy. She is 77 years old. She was teaching History in Washington State University,USA.