Friday, May 27, 2011

Class 11 will start from this year

Class 11 will be start from this year.
The class 10 passed student will get opportunity to study class 11 and class 12 at Parijat Academy. Very soon tin roof and bamboo wall classroom will be construct at Parijat.
more update will add soon

HSLC student with teachers

HSLC student ( Class 10 matric exam appeared batch) with teachers.


at Parijat Academy 28 student appeared in HSLC Exam. passed 16 student. 4 student got 2nd Division, 12 student got 3rd student. We at Parijat not expecting that student will do passed because these student are actually school drop out and they donot like to study but we motivated them to continue their study upto class 10 to gain experience.
This really inspiring us at Parijat.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sarala Birla Gyanjyoti invited to Parijat's children to attend in a Programme

Principal of Sarala Birla Gyanjyoti giving poster photo to children of Parijat Academy at the programme.

Children of Parijat performing folk dance at Sarala Birla Gyanjyoti school

Be The Change programme organised by Smile Foundation at Sarala Birla Gyanjyoti. Parijat Academy children are with Sarala Birla Gyanjyoti School .

Seminar on Study Technique

Seminar on Study Technique was held at Parijat Academy for the children of Parijat Academy. Conducted by Dr Athiqul H Laskar ( retired US Army Officer and Ex NATO Commander).

Educating the children of Garbhanga

Educating the children of Garbhanga.

Visitor from Kerala

Visitor from Kerala : Mr Mohanan Pulikodan is a teacher in Kasaragod in Kerala. He came to know Parijat from Tehelka magazine. He stayed one week at Parijat Academy. During his stay he interact with the teachers and students.

visitor from Varanasi, UP

Visitor from Varanasi, UP: Gunjan Singh is a social worker in Varanasi. She is teach the children in remote place in Sonabhadra of Uttar Pradesh. She was earlier working with Asha Luknow. Now is a activly involve with Video Volunteers programme India Unheard programme . She came to know Parijat Academy from Sekhar Subramani of USA. She stayed one week at Parijat.

Collecting second hand books

Collecting seconda hand books for the children at Parijat Academy